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Manulife Travel80 Term Travel Insurance

By Brandi Dickson Chart provided by Manulife

Northfront Insurance is excited to share a unique travel policy option from Manulife. Imagine if you, your family members, or your friends could take buying travel medical insurance off the to-do list until age 80? That’s exactly what is possible with the Manulife Travel80 Term Travel Insurance policy. Individuals apply just once and get travel coverage until age 80. Imagine the freedom of touring the world without having to worry about purchasing travel insurance every time you go away.

The policy offers emergency medical travel insurance for any number of 30-day trips and doesn’t expire until age 80. (You can apply anytime between the ages of 18 – 65 for the policy). The annual premiums are based on your age when you apply, and you are guaranteed renewal annually. Further details are available below.

Who can apply? Anyone can apply if they are a Canadian resident 18 to 65 years of age and have a valid Canadian provincial or territorial government health insurance plan.