Our Commitment to Privacy

At Nortfront Insurance Corp./Raymond James Financial Planning Ltd., we recognize how important personal privacy is to all of our clients. To provide the highest possible level of protection to you, our client, we maintain standards designed to protect your privacy and prevent any misuse of your personal information. We have adopted the following principles and procedures which outline how we collect, protect and use your personal information, and how we will hold ourselves accessible and accountable to you. As used herein, “personal information” is any information that identifies you as an individual and includes information with respect to your name, address, age, gender, employment, finances, health, and lifestyle.

Why is Personal Information Collected?

We collect personal information to identify you as a person, to assist in our understanding of your current and future financial, health, and lifestyle needs, and to determine the suitability of and properly administer the products and services we offer. The personal information we ask for will depend on the products or services you request and, in most cases, will be required by the product or service provider selected or by law.

How Do We Collect Personal Information About You?

We will only collect information that is pertinent and consistent with the purposes of the collection. Whenever practical, we will collect the required information directly from you or your authorized representative(s), in completed applications and forms; through other means of correspondence, such as by telephone, mail, and through your business dealings with us. With your consent, we may also obtain personal information about you from third parties such as your financial or legal advisors and health care professionals. It is always your choice whether or not to provide personal information or to consent to our obtaining personal information about you from third parties. You are free to refuse or withdraw your consent at any time however if you choose not to provide the requested personal information or consent; we may not be able to provide certain products or services to you. You may withdraw your consent for us to collect, use and disclose your personal information at any time. Depending on the circumstances, withdrawal of your consent may impact our ability and the ability of third parties to provide or continue to provide the products and services you have requested.

Disclosure and Use of Personal Information

Northfront Insurance Corp. / Raymond James Financial Planning Ltd., will not sell, trade, or lend your personal information to any third parties unless we have your prior consent to do so. However, there are times when disclosure of your personal information is necessary or required by law. We may use service providers to provide us with various services such as printing, mail distribution, information technology, and administration. Where personal information is provided to
our service providers, Raymond James Financial Planning Ltd. will require them to protect the information in a manner that is consistent with our privacy policies and practices. Your consent may be expressed in writing; it may be given verbally, electronically, or through your authorized representative(s). By signing this Privacy Policy, you consent to Raymond James Financial Planning Ltd. collecting and using your personal information for purposes of providing and administering the products and services you request

Protection of Personal Information

We maintain security standards and procedures to help prevent unauthorized access to personal information about you. We retain your personal information only as long as it is required for the reasons it was collected or as required by law or regulation. When your personal information is no longer needed for the purposes explained to you or as required by law, we have procedures to destroy, delete, erase or convert it to an anonymous form.